Standard License

When you purchase a template or a subscription, it is governed by our Standard License. Under this license, you have a perpetual right to use the template(s) multiple times for multiple projects without incurring additional fees. The rights granted to you are non-exclusive, non-transferable and personal to you. However, when you customize a template, you may transfer the resulting derivative work to your printer and to your client who may make edits to the files but may not use them to create new projects.

The Standard License does not permit the display of our templates on a website or an intranet, whether or not for sale or download. For this you would need an Extended License.

Extended License (Web-to-Print License)

Extended Licenses provide all the rights granted in the Standard License, and allows you to create products and display on one website or internet for resale such as electronic templates and design template applications including "print on demand" or “web-to-print” services.The rights granted to you are non-exclusive, non-transferable and limited to you website.